Weeding for Biodiversity

Garlic weed is a non-native invasive herb that is not eaten by local wild-life or insects. Eradicating this plant would help preserve the local biodiversity. The flowers are easy to identify and not difficult to pull out.

We spent some time on Saturday pulling out Garlic weed in the Miller Nature Area. The area is full of the weed. My first thought was that this is a lost cause. However with our group of five we managed to clear a large area in a couple of hours. The park steward Peter was kind enough to come and pick up the weeds we pulled and put them in the city compost, which prevents the flowers from seeding.

Just like pulling garlic weed, climate action can seem like a lost cause at times, but every weed pulled gives other plants space to thrive and every gram of carbon that is not emitted contributes to a better future! With enough people working together, we can make a big difference.

Join us next time!

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