Meditate for Climate Event

Sunday, October 25th at 3pm EST

Join us in meditating on a better world as a first step of bringing it into reality. Come as you are, and stay for as long as you like! You can bring a yoga mat to be more comfortable, or borrow one of ours. Stick around afterward and walk with us and our beautiful Earthella prop!

For more info and to register, please click here.

Public Organizing Meeting

Wednesdays at 7 pm EST

The next meeting of our local chapter is on Wednesday October 23rd and will be held via zoom. To register, please click here.

Reflecting & Learning Hour

Sundays at 7pm EST

If you are looking for a relaxed setting to meet like-minded people and share thoughts on the climate crisis and what to do about it, this is for you! To register to our next meeting on October 25th, please click here.

Non-Violent Direct Action Trainings Online

Hosted by our friends at XR Chicago.


Stay posted for the next training announcement!

Host Contact Info:

Past Events:

Weeding for Biodiversity 05/16

We went to the Miller Nature Area to pull out the non-native invasive Garlic weed. We finially got to do an in person action together again. But we wore mask, kept a safe distance from each other and only went in a group of 5 people. While Climate Action is our main focus, biodiversity is the other issue Extinction Rebellion focuses on.

Global Mass Meditation 02/09

We meditated on what we want for the future of our earth. To increase the visibilty of our group we did so in public and asked people passing by to join us.

Similar actions were held across the globe.